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This is a THREE-Part message that can CHANGE your life!

I know this is true because it is a fresh letter from God to you. It will change your life if you read, study and observe to do. You will become aware of things within your power you can do that will bring CHANGE to your life - FAST!
Many times people blame God for their problems when He is totally innocent of the crimes they charge Him for. At other times, people turn to the devil to accuse him for their troubles. They have forgotten that the devil is limited in time and space; that he is not omniscient, omnipotent nor omnipresent. Of course, God can cause you troubles and the devil can also make your life miserable, but most problems of man are caused by us - mankind."

How many prisoners have you seen or heard about of late? One, two, a thousand? Whatever the case, there are always prisoners, isn't it? Are you one of them? "You say Me?" Yes - you. If you say no, are you very sure about that? Lean back and think through this for a moment. Let me show you