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Nimrod – a mighty hunter started the mass mind control and organised the whole world to create one state. That world was heading for total destruction, but God came to the rescue by confusing their communication system (language).

Manipulation of the mind is not new. But the scale at which is being practised these days is alarming!

Ever heard of Professor Anton Mesmer? Friedrich Anton Mesmer, was a German physician with an interest in Astronomy, who theorised that there was a natural energetic transference that occurred between all animated and inanimate objects that he called magnétisme animal (animal magnetism) and other spiritual forces often grouped together as mesmerism.

The evolution of Mesmer’s ideas and practices led Scottish surgeon James Braid to develop hypnosis in 1842. Mesmer’s name is the root of the English verb “mesmerize”. (source: Wikipedia.org)

The dictionary can help us understand this in a better way:

mesmerize, mesmerise [ˈmɛzməˌraɪz]
vb (tr)
1. a former word for hypnotize
2. to hold (someone) as if spellbound
mesmerization, mesmerisation n
mesmerizer, mesmeriser n

In essence, it is the ability to have you under control. It is further clarified as the ability to bewitch you or hold you captive. So, you can easily be mesmerized when you allow yourself to do so. But what about when you’re not conscious of it?

How many times have you been sitting in a movie theatre when suddenly you get a tremendous craving for popcorn? You get up, run to the popcorn booth and buy a jumbo popcorn and a medium Coke. As you are sitting in your seat shovelling the popcorn into your mouth and ferociously licking your fingers which are dripping with butter, you suddenly stop and ask yourself “Why did I buy this?”

Subliminal messages are hidden messages that are made to act on your subconscious mind. They are an attempt to make you think or want something without you even realizing it. These hidden messages can be transmitted by images flashing extremely fast on a screen, in pictures within pictures, in themes, or even in slogans.

In the mid 1950’s, a market researcher named James Vicary used the first subliminal message. Vicary’s goal was to make people want popcorn and coke by flashing “eat popcorn” and “drink Coke” very briefly on a screen during a movie. Vicary claimed that the sales of popcorn went up by 57.5% and the sales of Coke rose by 18.1%.

Friends, that may be in the 1950’s, but things have become more sophisticated! Instead of eat popcorn and drink Coke, it is now sex, worry and fear.

Take the next fifteen minutes and watch the news on TV, check the newspapers, watch the average advert, it’s all about sex, anxiety and fear. Indirectly, they are programming your mind with things that will make it subjected to the control of the devil.

How is this done en-masse? A few months ago, it was said that the Irish economy was among the best in Europe. Just recently, Ireland joined the EU, shortly after joining the EU, the economy was in trouble and needed to borrow money from the IMF. What do you think the effect of that will be on the mass population? Fear!

Are you still sceptical on me now?

Edward Hunter, author of Brainwashing In Red China, testified in 1958 before a U.S. Congressional House Committee on Un-American Activities: “Since man began, he has tried to influence other men or women to his way of thinking. There have always been these forms of pressure to change attitudes. We discovered in the past thirty years, a technique to influence, by clinical, hospital procedures, the thinking processes of human beings. Brainwashing is formed out of a set of different elements … hunger, fatigue, tenseness, threats, violence, and in more intense cases…drugs and hypnotism. No one of these elements alone can be regarded as brain washing, any more than an apple can be called apple pie. Other ingredients have to be added, and a cooking process gone through. So it is with brainwashing…”

Did you see that? This is not an event happening in China. It is very much around us – in our houses (TV), streets, train stations, subways, newspapers, Internet, etc.

Once you yield to these influences, you lose control of your being and end up buying what you don’t need or doing what you’re not supposed to do. In short, you become a slave to the system!”

Romans 6:16 “Don’t you know that when you offer yourselves to someone to obey him as slaves, you are slaves to the one whom you obey-whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness?” (NIV)

Deliverance From Mind Control

Is there a way out of your mind being controlled by these world rulers? Yes. It is – Godly Meditation. Simple as that? Yes!

Eastern religions and the occult teach that when you want to meditate, empty your mind… The mind is NEVER empty! It’s a big lie. The act of meditation is a secret of accessing divine power that the devil stole from God’s people and bastardized it.

Unfortunately when people hear meditation, their minds go to the occult or yoga and such esoteric practices. No, take what is rightfully yours and gain the maximum power God has in store for you. Practice meditation. But how?

Pick a scripture, preferably one you gained from a sermon, personal reading or study of the Bible. Think on that word, imagine and let it fill your mind until everything else grows dim. Sit on it like a hen would on her unfertilized eggs. No special posture is needed.

For example, Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” Jn 10:10. Think on the meaning of life, imagine what abundance means, and listen to Jesus saying that you – personally. This may go on for a few minutes to an hour or even more. That is meditation.

As you do this, your mind will be filled with the life of God. Your body will come under the control of your mind and your spirit will come alive!

No matter how much poison your mind has been fed by what you see, hear or read, the Word of God can quickly disarm the effects of these. It is the most powerful antidote to ANY evil spiritual force. It’s in your hand (Holy Bible), believe it and use it to deliver yourself.”

“The stew was poured out for the men, but as they began to eat it, they cried out, ‘O man of God, there is death in the pot!’ And they could not eat it. Elisha said, ‘Get some flour.’ He put it into the pot and said, ‘Serve it to the people to eat.’ And there was nothing harmful in the pot.” 2Kgs. 4:40-41.

You MUST constantly detoxify your mind with God’s Word. It is the ONLY antidote to the mass hypnotism going on at the moment.

Brother John

My name is simply Brother John. Saved and delivered by Jesus Christ just before my 16th birthday, nothing better could have happened to me in my entire life! Read a little more about my encounter with Christ here: Satan Taught Me... https://brotherjohn.org/satan-taught-me-jesus-mastered-me/ .... When I see that something has blessed me in one way or the other, then I want everybody to hear it and get blessed as much, if not much more. I worship with other believers at the The Platts Road Fellowship. In the truest sense of it, BrotherJohn.org is now more than the personal blog of the person who started it, it has evolved into a TEAM of some world-wide believers, who prefer to remain anonymous. This blog has one purpose: give you practical steps in walking with God. The steps can be found in the fresh Letters From God.

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