Plain Lucky or Act of God?

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Did you see the news about Hassan Aljadid, “the 18-month-year old plummeted three storeys on to the concrete below Read more »

Prisoners For Life

Posted in: Spiritual Truths- May 15, 2010 4 Comments

How many prisoners have you seen or heard about of late? One, two, a thousand? Whatever the case, there are always prisoners, isn’t it? Are you one of them? “You say Me?” Yes – you. If you say no, are you very sure about that? Lean back and think through this for a moment. Let me show you  Read more »

Take Time To Rest

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Many children of God hold Him to ransom for their poor health, but this is rather unfortunate, because most of the problems they have are simply self-inflicted. That’s right – self-inflicted!

I was reading the London Metro a few days ago and saw this article, “Working 11-hour days ‘is bad for your heart'”, the article stated that “office workers who clock up long hours could have a 60 per cent greater risk of heart disease and early death. Read more »

Satan Taught Me… Jesus Mastered Me

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For three years, Satan taught me some of his best kept secrets.

One night, when I was about 12 years old, I awoke suddenly from a nightmare with my body soaked by perspiration. I knew straight-away that I was dealing with something far bigger than myself! This was no ordinary nightmare. I had seen some strange beings in my dream that were really having a go at me, beating me like a rag doll. Prior to this I had heard about voodoo but never believed in it. But now, here I was. I knew African voodoo was at work Read more »

God and Michael Jackson

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We will definitely be surprised when we pass across the galaxies into the very Presence of God. Yes, we will!

Earlier today, 30th of April 2010, I was busy working at my desk, but listening on “the definitive greatest hits” of Andrae Crouch at the background. After listening to all the tracks on the 3-CD pack, I felt something was still missing – a track I heard him sing at a Billy Graham Crusade video I watched long time ago. The problem was that I just couldn’t remember which track it was Read more »

Hello Friends!

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Welcome to ….  I am still developing this site and that development will not end until I die or He comes to take me Home. Come back again at least once every week. I believe I have a lot to say to this generation and at least once every week, I will bring letters from God to this generation, which applies to you as a person.

One thing we need to be aware of is that God wants us to know Him and believe in Read more »