Celebrating Valentine?

Posted in: Spiritual Truths- Feb 15, 2014 1 Comment

Should Christians celebrate valentine? What are the implications for the Christian who celebrates valentine? These and numerous questions face Christians in a world that is given to all forms liberal love or should I say lust? So If Christianity is all about love, and so why shouldn’t Valentine’s Day be celebrated?

Lazarus – Manifesting God’s Glory

Posted in: The Word- Feb 26, 2013 1 Comment

The Lazarus Church will walk the Earth like Moses and Elijah, manifesting the glory of Christ. They will preach the Truth and confirm it with signs and wonders.

Power Over Lust of The Flesh

Posted in: Spiritual Warfare- Jan 10, 2011 6 Comments

As human beings we are creatures of emotion. We have feelings. Ever heard that someone is as hard as a stone? Even that hardness is an emotion. The only person without emotion is someone whose feelings are dead, and they are only found in the grave. Lusts of the flesh has destroyed many legacies such […]

How To Overcome Lust!

Posted in: Spiritual Warfare- Jan 03, 2011 33 Comments

After I decided to follow Christ at about age 16, I knew I still could not bear to see a pretty girl without lusting after her in my heart. It was an issue I couldn’t openly discuss either. But the Lord taught me some secrets, which I will be sharing here.