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Preaching against Hell.... Do you know light exposes what lurks in the dark? That is what my ministry is all about. I have often been accused of talking too much about the Devil and his kingdom, exposing his works among men. Well, before I refute that claim, let me say this – if you ask those who have sat under my teachings before or attended any of the meetings in which I have ministered in the past two years, they would laugh at that claim. However, I will say such accusations are part of the wiles of the Devil to prevent him and his kingdom of darkness from exposure.

Note: I have tried to condense this article, but some things just have to be mentioned.

There is a place you can enter and no one else dare enter the place with you. In spiritual warfare, this is a place you cannot afford to step away from. It forms an invincible shield around you and the enemy knows that when you’re there, there is nothing he can do about it. You don’t get in to that place because you’re rich, famous or intelligent. It is place you just step into and take cover. It is a secret and invisible bunker.

The Devil goes around terrorising people, stealing their liberties, ruining their peace, killing off their joy and destroying their lives. Why does he do this with huge success? He knows he’s in a war and most people don’t. Everyone in the world, believer or not are in spiritual warfare. So, this topic affects you in no small way. Awakening as warrior, discovering the resources available at

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Do I have a mental disability or an eye problem? Perhaps it is that of misjudgement or my normality is being made to look stupid? What I am about to share is incredible to believe, but I heard a popular televangelist I used to respect on a national TV preach from this version of the Bible. So, it is incredible!