Satan Taught Me… Jesus Mastered Me

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For three years, Satan taught me some of his best kept secrets.

One night, when I was about 12 years old, I awoke suddenly from a nightmare with my body soaked by perspiration. I knew straight-away that I was dealing with something far bigger than myself! This was no ordinary nightmare. I had seen some strange beings in my dream that were really having a go at me, beating me like a rag doll. Prior to this I had heard about voodoo but never believed in it. But now, here I was. I knew African voodoo was at work against me, but I was helpless to fend it off. That was just the beginning of my nightmares. It happened many times after that and each time it happened, I would freeze on my bed like a lump of ice and not be able to shout for help..

A few months after my first nightmare, at Easter time, I watched Jesus of Nazareth on television. The story was quite moving and it brought tears to my eyes as I watched Jesus being punished and I saw how He bled and died. Through this story I really got a glimpse of God’s love for humanity. A part of me thought that the story was some sort of fairy tale; but there was another part of me that believed. I knew that I was as far from God as I could possibly be. Jesus was too holy for me. Although I was 12 years old at the time and we never went to church in my house, I could see the difference and I knew that I needed help.

Who would help me?

About one year later, my mum (who did not know what I was going through as a teenager), suggested that we go and visit a white-garment-spiritualist prophetess whom she had met sometime before. Normally I hated religious stuff but I obliged. I was only thirteen but I had started reading up on advanced psychology (self-development), ignorant to the fact that this was the basics of occultism (more about this later).

At the meeting, the people were all dressed in white gowns, both male and female. They sang and danced until some of them began to gyrate and prophesy to the rest of us. Then the “prophetess”, who was the leader, began to prophesy to me, saying, “When you go back to school, don’t play football, otherwise you will sustain an injury.”

I chuckled to myself in unbelief. I had seen the things that she and the others could do and I respected her but I just could not give up football, besides I’d been playing for years and never sustained injury; in fact, it’s usually the other way round – you kick me and you may get injured. One thing really intrigued me though and that was her knowledge of the names of angels. To me, her ability to invoke their presence was almost second to none. Nevertheless, I made up my mind to defy her prophecy. I really didn’t believe the woman.

Initially, fear had gripped me and I asked myself, “What if this woman was true?” However, after a few weeks of watching my friends play the “beautiful game” with such passion, I threw caution to the wind and started playing. After a few days of having played some “sets” (five-a-side knock out series), I thought I’d escaped the prophecy and proved the woman wrong.

Then the unthinkable happened! One guy gave me a bad tackle and I sustained a tibia fracture. We never used to wear shin pads in those days. This was in Nigeria at African Church Comprehensive High School. My saving grace was that it was a boarding house, so I hid it very well until I got better. Prophecy had come true against me.

To cut a long story short, I wasn’t too bothered by my injury. However, due to the nightmares I constantly experienced I started to think that the power behind that woman’s prophecy could be my way out. My mum and I were under constant voodoo attacks and that deepened our dependency on this prophetess to help us out.

I believed that through this spiritualist, we would become very close to God for protection so I got closer and obeyed all that they told me. I thought to myself, “Someone with such unique access to God ought to be respected shouldn’t they?”

During one of my visits, the husband of the prophetess decided to make a special prayer for me, because my mum had been a well-favoured sponsor of their church. In the process, the man brought out an uncommon prayer book, which he used to invoke the strange names of some angels.

The book is entitled, ‘The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses’ and I am always very reluctant to reveal the names of this and other similar books because I don’t want anyone, out of curiosity, to go and get these books to see what they really contain (I will share my reasons for this with you later). I therefore implore you, “PLEASE DON’T”. The most powerful book in the world is your Bible! “So this is their secret!” I mused to myself. At that point I was determined to get my own copy and go directly to God. And I did.

I studied Powerful Occult Books

I studied & Used Powerful Occult Books

Satan orchestrated things to the extent that I graduated from reading books on dynamic psychology and gradually drifted into esoteric arts and started reading books by T. Lobsang Rampa. I was rapidly feasting away on the forbidden fruit.

Being in a boarding house, I was helped in no small way by friends who had associations with magicians using powerful magical books, so I got deeper and deeper into occultism with books too satanic to mention here. To cut a long story short, from about the age of 13, I began to practice occult and get results. My eyes were opened!

I was determined to go all the day. Why? Because I was being exposed to what very few people knew and I really believed that I was dealing with God. Wow!

I was filled with massive pride – I could read palms, astral travel, communicate telepathically, effectively use pentagrams (sign of Baphomet – satanic goat). I was becoming an ardent student of Satan at age 15! I was mostly self taught, of course, but I was getting results – and I wanted more – a lot more!

My esoteric studies continued at a strong pace and I had come to a point where I wanted to join a powerful secret cult. Then, with this three years into my quest, I had an encounter that came in a dream that changed my life!

In this dream, I found myself in a crowded, street-like market place. I saw a man who appeared to be a leader and there was a large crowd around him. The man started giving each person a ballpoint pen from a pack in his hand. But when it was my turn, he paused, stared deeply into my eyes, shook his head and walked away without giving me a pen or saying a word.

As the man continued giving gifts to other people I recognized that he had the similitude of the Christ I had seen in that movie I watched many years back at the age of 12. I could recognize the people he was giving gifts to. I saw Peter, John, James, etc. and I thought to myself, “They are not more qualified than me, so why didn’t he give me mine?”

I was furious and wanted to fight him.

Learnt Occult as a Teenager

Learnt Occult as a Teenager

That was my first encounter with Jesus Christ!

Then I woke up. (This was only a dream, but it really depicted my true nature – effusive, stubborn and ready to fight at every imagined offense against me). Then I fell back to sleep.

That same night, I had a second dream. This time, I saw the man, Jesus, at some 50 yards away. He was sitting all alone on a rock by a lake or sea coast, in the cool of the day.

He was looking intently into the distance, like someone watching a sunset beyond the lake or sea in front of him. I was still very angry, so I ran towards him, shouting and hurling obscenities at him. Just when I was within earshot, he turned and looked intently into my eyes as previously, and said, “Follow me”.

Then I woke up.

These two dreams in one night left me thinking that I needed to get my act together. I said to myself, “God had found me out. He knows my secret sins and I need to straighten up.” By this time in my life, I was a wayward teen, a law to myself and very proud. There was something in me that derived enjoyment from defying authority just for the sake of it. But it was now Holy God versus Sinner me! I knew had no chance, so I decided to start going to church.

The following Sunday, without informing my family, I secretly made my way to the town’s Anglican cathedral. I felt God must surely be there and perhaps He would pardon me and help reduce the weight of my sins, because they were many. Yes, I knew I was a sinner, like any other person.

I quickly made friends with other teens and within a few Sundays, sitting at the top gallery at the back of the building, I started fishing for the prettiest girls in the church. But I also noticed that there was a lot of respect-of-persons (favoritism) in the place. Rich people sat in the choicest places (nearer to the vicar) and poor people sat far away at the back. It was plain for everyone to see. I began to feel that being part of such a set-up with looking for girls in the church were compounding my sins, so I stopped attending.

Not long afterwards, someone invited me to an unorthodox church. I later found out it was called ‘Deeper Christian Life Ministry’. We sat on long wooden benches and people were free to sit anywhere they wanted. I liked that. Then the preacher came, tall and well-spoken, might have been in his late 30s or early 40s. To be honest with you, if I really knew it was that type of church, I would not have gone there. I never liked the “holy” Christians – too holy for my liking.

However, I warmed up to what the preacher had to say. It was as though he knew everything about me and used my life to preach. My secret sins and occult practice were exposed. This man didn’t know me and had never seen me before. Having watched movies such as the Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones, also called The Mad Messiah, I knew most of the tricks these preachers used. But this was different.

After the preacher had finished talking, I knelt and prayed, asking God to forgive me for my sins and for Jesus to come into my life. I can’t remember the exact words, but it went like this:

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner and I am sorry for my sins, please forgive me and come into my heart. Thank you.”

The meeting was dismissed and I went home. It was after 8pm that Friday and on my way home something interesting happened.

It was as if a heavy load I had been carrying all my life was just taken away in a flash! I was elated and started dancing in the middle of the road as I walked. It was all the different Michael Jackson moves, but for some reason I just could not sing his songs. It seemed as though the lyrics to songs such as ‘Billie Jean’ and others had been miraculously been erased from my life.

That day was November 30. I will never forget the whole experience. It is still as fresh today as if it happened last night. I was a month away from my 16th birthday. Ironically, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released exactly two years earlier.

Jesus Became My Saviour and Lord

That was the beginning of my walk with Christ! I was snatched from the school of Satan. My life was changed completely. Without having to say a word, everyone knew something wonderful had happened in my life. God had allowed Satan to reveal his true picture to me. He allowed me to see how Satan was using the occult to lead me into the pit of darkness before He, God, took charge of my life.

He snatched me from the edge of a bottomless pit of darkness and I have been following Him since that encounter. What about you? Will you continue in your selfish, sinful or satanic way? Turn to Him and repeat the prayer I prayed, if you really mean it, something good will definitely happen to you just like I experienced. Here it is:

Lord Jesus, I know I’m a sinner and I am sorry for my sins, please forgive me and come into my heart. Be my Saviour and my Lord from today. Thank you. Amen.”

Now that you have read this testimony. It doesn’t end there. You need to see the reason for your existence here on earth, God wants you to REIGN AS A KING.

Feel free to contact me, if you have just prayed this prayer. I will personally respond to help you in the right direction. Please Share this story with others.

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53 Responses to “Satan Taught Me… Jesus Mastered Me”

  1. Reply david archuleta says:

    Thanks for sharing, I found this story, while looking for some free downloads and ran across this site, interesting comments and great points made.

  2. Reply Cindy says:

    Got some goose pimples come up my arms …

    Technically speaking:

    – the positive – like the images and the fact that they break up the page; the bold text/emphasis/quotes draw attention and are useful bite size notes about what comes next;

    – the not so positive – story a little long!

  3. Reply Alex says:

    One word – Fascinating!

    This is great insight into what teenagers sometimes go through and in the process of trying to resolve the issues they confront get lured into dubious and dark acts.

    I am glad for you; but how many of your likes are still in the dark world? Is there any of your mates with whom you used to practice these dark acts still there? I know a few people who do these things, what can I do to help them?



    • Reply Brother John says:

      Thanks Alex, to answer your questions, I’ll take them one by one:
      #1. “but how many of your likes are still in the dark world?”
      Answer: Unfortunately, there are so many people in that position right now, many of them are actually looking for a way to rule the world, so they are easy targets for the devil; the devil makes a deal with them, and they actually rule the world – briefly – after selling their soul and then die. Sad, so sad.

      #2. “Is there any of your mates with whom you used to practice these dark acts still there?”
      Answer: Yes, some are still practising it. One was a platinum-selling musician who has faded from being at the top in the recent years. The last time I saw him on an interview in a British national TV, he was still speaking about the esoterics, but I prayed for him and believe that the Lord will save him one day.

      #3. “I know a few people who do these things, what can I do to help them?”
      Answer: The best thing is to pray for them. Then, when or if you have the opportunity, tell them about Jesus, don’t pick an argument with them, some know more than you do, but because they know it in a twisted way, they can either confuse you or get you disturbed. Just tell them what the Lord did in your life.

      If you need more help, feel free to contact me again. I started this blog to help people. God bless.

  4. Reply Pedro says:

    The story of conversion through faith in Jesus Christ is always a pleasant story to the one telling it and to listeners/reads alike.

    Your story is a testimony of the reality of the power of God to save who ever ask for salvation from him. We could not be so lost that God can not reach us and delivers from the grip of Satan and sin.

    Your story is a confirmation that putting our faith in Jesus Christ does change our lives for the better.

    Thank you for sharing your testimony it’s truly a blessing.

    May the Lord who saved you, continue to keep you and use you to shine the light to the lost.

  5. Reply Batman Action says:

    I was very fantastic why i not see your blog before i will come back.

  6. Reply Nickolas Kazmierski says:

    Fantastic Site…Wow!

    Greets from Uk

  7. Reply Brother John says:

    @Nickolas Kazmierski

    I’m based in the UK, too 🙂

  8. Reply savich says:

    it was very interesting to read
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  9. Reply oleg_gaudi says:

    I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  10. Reply Brother John says:


    Thanks for the offer, but this site is not about link exchange or secular business, this is about YOUR soul and all humanity. We need to have Jesus transform our souls and give us a NEW life, which only He provides. I am not interested in getting famous. God bless you.

  11. Reply Michelle Schlottmann says:

    I just needed to say that I discovered your site via Goolge and I am glad I did. Keep up the excellent work and I will make certain to bookmark you for when I have a lot more free time away from the books. Thanks!

  12. Reply xHamster free download says:

    Thanks a lot for the blog. Fantastic.

  13. Reply Darren Fredenburg says:

    That’s a nice post!

  14. Reply Deandra Wimberly says:

    oaky well this is weird

  15. Reply Brother John says:

    @Deandra Wimberly

    Yes, weird it may sound, but true!

    Thanks for stopping by, may your eyes be opened to see the Truth, too.

  16. Reply Rev. Jim Russell says:

    I had similiar experiences when I was a teenager. I had a very powerful Satanic Coven come against me, and my faith in Jesus Christ is the only thing that saw me through those dark nights of my soul. Until someone has touched the Devil’s hand and felt his hot breath upon your neck, an individual will never realize just how powerful he is… will never know the pure heaviness of the fear. Thank God that faith in Jesus Christ and his blood can weaken the stronghold and set to flight the demons of despair. Praise the name of our Lord.

  17. Reply Hosea Deis says:

    One does not often find on the internet as decent articles as yours is. I cant wait to read some more of your works.

  18. Reply Remember, says:

    Remember that Jesus loves you

  19. Reply josh says:

    Lucky you. jesus himself had invited you to follow him. amen.

  20. Reply Brother John says:


    Thanks Josh, but to be honest with you, we don’t need any special invitation. Special invitation like this are for those who are thick or totally deaf to the whisperings of the Lord to come back to Him.

    “Blessed are those who have not seen but yet believed.”

    God bless you.

  21. Reply Francis Briskey says:

    Helpful write up, bookmarked the site for hopes to read more!

  22. Reply m akinyoade says:

    Dear brother, wow! This is really something. I couldn’t help wondering how much our kids may be exposed to even now. The people of darkness teach their children very strictly about their ways and they go to the same schools with our children. We christians need to do what God says concerning ensuring that our children are taught his word, and then back it up with prayer. Thank God for your deliverance. May you continue to be a vessel unto honour in His great house. Amen.

  23. Reply Brother John says:

    @m akinyoade – Thanks for the comment.

    The intensity of Satan’s attack on youths today is greater than when I gave my life to Christ. My engagement with the occult started subtly, but in these days, it is now much more open – witchcraft has been legalised in Britain and accepted just like they accept church, people can register their witchcraft coven as a charity organisation and enjoy tax breaks like a church organisation.

    It is our responsibilities to watch and pray. Yes, it is not enough to pray, but to watch as well. We need to keep an eye on what our children are exposed to, we need to teach them the Way of the Lord, sow the seed of God’s Word into their lives. That way, it can repel the evil seeds and choke it off.

  24. Reply Lakmini says:

    Brother , Thank you for sharing your Testimony … God can do amazing things……Thank you God…

  25. Reply Brother John says:

    Thanks for your visit, brother Lakmini.

  26. Reply Lucia Lionheart says:

    What can i say but WOW ,Praise the Lord thank you Jesus that you have been delivered from the everlasting fire and that you have found your true happiness ,peace,love in Christ without being filled with pride by calling yourself simply brother John ,i like that a lot ,your awsome testimony reveals that you are a very kind,considerate ,selfless,loving and peaceful person ,you are a blessed miracle John considering everything you went through \ö/ Thank you Jesus for saving John from the pit of hell so that he can not only be my friend but also a true friend for many more who are lost and need you in their loveless and endangered lives ,in Jesus name i pray Amen

  27. Reply Brother John says:

    @Lucia Lionheart
    Hey Lucia, thanks for the comment. I forgot to reply our comment.

    Yes, thank God for saving me, He did all the work and gave me all the blessing, just too incredible!
    Our job now is to inform others of the GOOD news that He’s paid all cost of sin and death and has given us His own ETERNAL life as a substitute!

  28. Reply Yunita Martin says:

    thx for ur testimony, it is really bleesed my life to know that without a help from a servant of God, Jesus can save us spiritually, without a man helps.
    Gbu Brother Jhon ….

  29. Reply SELO KARBAH says:


  30. Reply Antonia says:

    this a great powerful testimony, praised be God!
    the first paraghraph made me instantly think about what used to happen with me for many years since i was 5 years old til around 13.
    i would really like to know more about why he says psychology is the basics of occultism?
    God bless

  31. Reply Brother John says:

    Dear Antonia, I made that claim because psychology is the ABC of esoterism, it is gives you the basics of occult and drip-feeds you, wanting more of the secret knowledge that only the few have, then metaphysics suck you in and by the time you’re fully into metaphysics, you begin a new journey with the Devil. It’s all one and the same side. You’re either in with God or the Devil. All the shades in between are still of the Devil. God is holy and has no embellishment. God Bless You.

  32. Reply Owais says:

    A Hindu friend of mine also told me the story that her god Ganesha had come to her at night…. And she did not say even in dream but in actual ….. What you got to say about that John…..

  33. Reply Brother John says:

    Dear Owais,

    Yes I have heard of so many stories like this. What separates this kind from the rest is the experience of something that was already written in the Bible that I didn’t know at the time. So, before I knew its content, I experienced its transforming power, nothing can beat that my friend. Nothing. Let me list a few things here:

    #1. I later discovered that I was not the only one. It actually happened in the Bible – Matthew 4:19
    #2. People around me noticed the transformation without me telling them just like in Acts 11:26
    #3. Christ is personal and He said this – Revelation 3:20 and Acts 9:3-7.

    And some still do till today. Here is another: or

    In the end, it is not really about the dream, the dream was just a tool that led me to the place of experiencing God. It is the fulfilment of God’s Word in my life.

    God Bless You.

  34. Reply Owais says:

    Dear John,

    You did not reply to my actual question …… Who do u think had come to her…. If there is only one God then do u think that Jesus (PBUH) came to her in the form of Ganesha .

    Peace be on you

  35. Reply Brother John says:


    Ok, Owais,
    I don’t believe that was from God Almighty. Why? Any dream or vision that is from God would lead someone to Christ not away from Him. For example see Acts 10.

    “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” [2 Corinthians 11:14]

    I hope that answers your question.

    God Bless

  36. Reply Owais says:

    Dear John,

    That’s what she would say to you John if she came about to read your story…. No offence intended…

    Peace be upon you

  37. Reply Brother John says:

    That is just your assumption, Owais. It is sad that you – Owais – are not truthfully seeking God. You’re so filled with pride that you don’t want to seek God for yourself and be honest with it. Anyway, I wish you well. God Bless. Peace!

  38. Reply Mbuyi says:

    Thanks for sharing your testimony. My only quiz is if you are exposing satan why can’t just feel free and mention those books which you said you should not. Are the books more powerful than satan? I personally believe that Jesus leads to heaven satan leads people to hell and any book or books written by anyone for his teachings is a sign post for hell and I would point them out as a signpost does. Be blessed.

  39. Reply Brother John says:

    Thanks Mbuyi for you comment and question: “….why can’t just feel free and mention those books which you said you should not. Are the books more powerful than satan?”

    No. They are not. One major reason I decided against this was due to the fact that human beings are always curious of the unknown and hence susceptible to self-injury, as in the case of “curiosity kills the cat”. One thing about Satan is that the more you look at him, the more you can be drawn by him into his dark world of evil. Just like mesmerism. For example, when you go to a bridge and look into the deep waters of the river or ocean, it may look inviting and attractive, but having known the dangers of water currents and the “sinkability” of man in water, you would resist the temptation of just jumping into the waters to enjoy it’s fluidic beauty. The same can be said of these books, too. I hope you will understand. In fact, I thank God that while I still remember some, I have forgotten many, which is even better!

    The only thing we are to look deeply into is the knowledge of God and understanding Him.

    There is FAR more knowledge of the spiritual to be beheld in the pages of the Bible than in ANY book of the occult. As such, I’d rather direct people to reading/studying the Bible than these other books whose origin is the Devil with the sole aim of taking people to Hell.

    God Bless You!

  40. Reply NAIM says:

    What a great testimony Brother . Through this page my faith has increased in LORD JESUS . YOU ARE VERY LUCKY PERSON IN THIS WORLD . GOD BLESS YOU. AMEN

  41. Reply Sola Awolaja says:

    Why Did Jesus Christ Talked More About The Fires Of Hell Than About The Joys Of Heaven?

    People often wonder why Jesus Christ spent so much time warning us about “the fire (hell) that shall never be quenched” as well as “a horrible place of weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Mark 9:48-49; Luke 16:19-31, Revelation 20:11-15, 21:8). You often hear people querying why Jesus Christ talked more about the fires of hell than about the joys of heaven. The subject of hell is so sobering that many Christians and unbelievers are more comfortable ignoring it. Atheists, Agnostics, Satanists and New Agers do not want to hear any talk about hell. However, the subject of hell deserves to be taken very seriously because it is often absent in Sunday sermons.

    As genuine Christians, we should not be reluctant to think seriously about the reality of future punishment for unbelievers and unrepentant sinners. We do not do unredeemed people a favour when we remain silent about the subject of hell. We should follow the example of Jesus Christ who spoke of hell repeatedly. Jesus Christ said that some people would rise from death in “the resurrection of condemnation” (John 5:29). Jesus Christ declared that those who go to hell enter the horrible place where “their worms do not die and the fire is not quenched” (Mark 9:44-49). He also depicted hell as a place of “outer darkness”, where there “will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 8:12; 22:13; 25:30).

    If you are a genuinely born-again Christian, you should talk more about hell with unbelievers and unrepentant sinners. It does not make sense to say you believe in Jesus Christ while rejecting what He and His book (Bible) say about hell or an eternal “lake of fire” (Mark 9:48-49; Luke 16:19-31, Revelation 20:11-15, 21:8). Unredeemed people do not choose hell with a full understanding of what they are doing. They do not have a clear picture of the eternal happiness they will miss or the everlasting separation and darkness they will endure (Matthew 7:13-14, Mark 8:36-37)………

    Continue reading at the link below:

  42. Reply Brother John says:

    Thanks for your comment Naim, yes I am blessed and highly favoured of God to have had such a visitation of God, which led to my conversion as well. But I have also discovered that God is merciful and just in all His ways. He “appears” to all in the best way that they will understand that they are encountering God in their lives as well.

  43. Reply Owais says:

    Dear John,

    I have already found the One True God about whom Jesus (PBUH) says in the Bible “The Father is GREATER THAN I” [John 14:28]…… And how do you know that I’m “proud”… did God reveal to you the knowledge of the unseen…..


  44. Reply Brother John says:

    Dear Owais, the god you serve is Muhammad. But, if you say you are serving the true living God, then you would have known that Jesus is that One True God.

    Why did I say this? You are well aware that Muhammad died and he’s still in the grave, but Jesus overcame the power of death and He’s Coming back again. Jesus Christ was limited as a human being and that is the reason behind that statement; The Father doesn’t get hungry, doesn’t sleep, doesn’t have to walk from one village to another, doesn’t have to hide from being stoned, even John the apostle would put his head on his chest, a Judas Iscariot could even betray Him….. Jesus Christ was God in human form and limited by time and space…. But that was all BEFORE Jesus died and resurrected again. After the resurrection, Jesus became Christ Jesus!

    Can’t you see that the whole world revolves around Christ?

    Yes, I say firmly that you are proud because of your refusal to bow and acknowledge your God (CHRIST) as God. Anyone who can see Christ and still refuse to accept Him for who He is is proud.

    So, your only redemption is to humble yourself before Christ.

  45. Reply Heidie Timm says:

    John my Brother i am more then Blessed reading your Testamony and smiling and rejoycing seing the Salvation power through our Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah..Adonai… Oh sweet Jesus how wonderful You are .. and fighting and saving Your Own..:) .I like this Blog and found all the comands very it interesting of the other People and your Responce. Praise the Lord God Almighty.. Creator and master and Ruler over Heaven and Earth and over all created Things.. .I love the Lord ..Jesus .is King of Kings.. ..And we His Lovers will rule and reign with Him for Eternety… he is good so good.. and His mercy endures for ever.. Amen..

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  47. Reply Pam says:

    Brother John,

    Everytime I read your testimony it touches the depths of my heart, especially the part with your encounter with our Lord Jesus. I am so happy the Lord saved you. You are such an asset to His Kingdom.

    Brother my advice to you is to keep running this race no matter what may come your way! May it be disappointment, sickness, heartache, discouragement, whatever……JUST KEEP RUNNING!!
    He who has began a good work in you is able to complete it!

    God bless you and sending you love from the Caribbean!!!


  48. Reply Brother John says:

    Thanks so much, Pam.
    God Bless You, too.

  49. Reply God and Michael Jackson | Brother John Reveals Letter from God, Spiritual Truths, Miracles says:

    […] love for Michael, even before I became a Christian: Before I gave my life to Christ in 1984, I was an ardent Michael Jackson fan, and my favourite track was “The Girl is Mine”, but would he make it to heaven?[…]

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