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That is a GREAT question. Why am I interested in Al-Hakam? [caption id="attachment_3171" align="alignright" width="100"]hakam hakam[/caption] I am happy that you definitely agree with me that Al-Hakam is The Judge, the Giver of Justice, or The Arbitrator. He is the One who is the supreme arbitrating magistrate. The One who is the only true judge, the One who has and would always deliver justice in every situation. He is the One who makes and will make the final decision over all matters on mankind.

Preaching against Hell.... Do you know light exposes what lurks in the dark? That is what my ministry is all about. I have often been accused of talking too much about the Devil and his kingdom, exposing his works among men. Well, before I refute that claim, let me say this – if you ask those who have sat under my teachings before or attended any of the meetings in which I have ministered in the past two years, they would laugh at that claim. However, I will say such accusations are part of the wiles of the Devil to prevent him and his kingdom of darkness from exposure.

By Wesley L. Duewel Prevailing prayer only prevails through the prevailing Spirit. It is not a