Plain Lucky or Act of God?

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Did you see the news about Hassan Aljadid, “the 18-month-year old plummeted three storeys on to the concrete below and landed on his back.”

plain lucky or act of God?

plain lucky or act of God?

News report continued, “Incredibly, the robust toddler was left totally unharmed by the terrifying drop and didn’t even suffer a single scratch”. See full story here: Hassan Aljadid.

Do you think that toddler was plain lucky? No friend, there was a special intervention. And if you must lab-test this incident, you are free to set up your own lab and use yourself as the guinea pig.

Remember, we already have a control – Hassan Aljadid.

Let me know your result after jumping 30 feet down 3 floors!

By the way, you MUST have a standby ambulance service, just in case your experiment fails to disprove that Hassan Aljadid’s case was a special intervention of God’s angels!

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  1. Reply Bola Kanu says:

    What an amazing story. this is God showing His power, presence, awesomeness, ……………….

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