Power of Endless Life

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After God created man from dust and water (yes, we were made from dust and water – clay), man lay in the ground, cold and lifeless, in much the same state as a dead man would. Then something happened. God came close to the helpless man, breathed into him and life was transferred into him! […]

The DNA of God!

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Dolly the sheep was born 5 July 1996 to three mothers (one provided the egg, another gave the DNA and a third carried the cloned embryo to term). She was created using the technique of somatic cell nuclear transfer, where the cell nucleus from an adult cell is transferred into an unfertilised oocyte (developing egg […]

Who Is Controlling Your Mind?

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Nimrod – a mighty hunter started the mass mind control and organised the whole world to create one state. That world was heading for total destruction, but God came to the rescue by confusing their communication system (language). Manipulation of the mind is not new. But the scale at which is being practised these days […]

Victory Over the Greatest Abuse

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Can you imagine the loss suffered by an abused child? His innocence is stolen, freedom of mind is decapitated and the joy (of) childhood is destroyed! No wonder Jesus said the offender should have a huge stone tied around his neck and cast into the sea (Matt 18:6). It is that grievous! Unfortunately, many people […]

How To Get Rich & Maintain It! Parts 2 & 3

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Now that you have acknowledged and owned up to your poverty, you need to take the next step. Note: I have tried to condense the last two parts into one here, so this PARTS 2 & 3. Avoid skipping any sentence because there is something hidden right in the middle. There is a treasure right […]

How to Get Rich & Maintain It!

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This is a THREE-Part message that can CHANGE your life! I know this is true because it is a fresh letter from God to you. It will change your life if you read, study and observe to do. You will become aware of things within your power you can do that will bring CHANGE to […]

Hello Friends!

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Welcome to BrotherJohn.org ….  I am still developing this site and that development will not end until I die or He comes to take me Home. Come back again at least once every week. I believe I have a lot to say to this generation and at least once every week, I will bring letters […]