Five Ways To Boost Your Brain Power!

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“Where are my keys?” “What was that person’s name again?” Memory glitches like these, though ordinary enough, can sometimes be an upsetting reminder that our memory may not serve us forever. If your brain function is not quite as sharp as it once was, here are 5 natural ways to protect your memory and boost […]

10 Heart Attack Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

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God created a beautiful garden and gave it to Adam… your body is a beautiful garden and God gave it to you to cherish and look after. Heart attacks don’t always strike out of the blue — there are many symptoms we can watch for in the days and weeks leading up to an attack. […]

Take Time To Rest

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Many children of God hold Him to ransom for their poor health, but this is rather unfortunate, because most of the problems they have are simply self-inflicted. That’s right – self-inflicted! I was reading the London Metro a few days ago and saw this article, “Working 11-hour days ‘is bad for your heart’”, the article […]