Jesus’ Flesh and Blood

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He offered Himself. He declared that the people should feast on His Person. They reacted sharply! Why would He ask them to become cannibals? They were seriously offended. The Person they had acknowledged as a Friend became their enemy in the spate of a few minutes.

The Existence of God – Logically Proven!

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There is an all-important question that is inseparable from the question of God’s existence. The question of whether life on earth exists, because of blind, dumb luck and chance, through evolution, or because of special creation by a Supreme Being, cannot be avoided in studying the existence of God. … As with the movement of the heavens, men have learned to capture the reliability of Cesium 133 atoms and the movement of cooled mercury ions to count time. Their number of oscillations per second never varies. Could this perfect order be the product of an accident?