FaceBook Conversation With An Atheist

Posted in: Spiritual Truths- Jun 18, 2013 9 Comments

This is a conversation I had with a self-proclaimed atheist on FaceBook in December, 2010. Please bear with a lot of typos on both sides of the conversation and after reading through the chat, I also discovered that there were times when we missed questions or answers or words were jumped. None of the main […]

Woman of Revelation 12

Posted in: Spiritual Truths, The Word- Jun 05, 2013 8 Comments

I will be giving short answers to the 40 questions from Revelation 12. The questions are meant to provoke you into studying the Bible and knowing the Truth (John 8:32). The truth is never afraid of being questioned, examined or verified. Part 1 is here: Mystery of The End of Days. The verses of Revelation 12 […]