Boasting or Belittling

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WE ALL know how painful it is to be forced to listen to a confirmed boaster sound off on his favorite topic – himself. To be the captive of such a man even for a short time tries our patience to the utmost and puts a heavy strain upon our Christian charity. Boasting is particularly […]

Why People Find the Bible Difficult

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THAT MANY PERSONS FIND THE BIBLE HARD to understand will not be denied by those acquainted with the facts. Testimony to the difficulties encountered in Bible reading is too full and too widespread to be dismissed lightly. In human experience there is usually a complex of causes rather than but one cause for everything, and […]

Some Things Are Not Negotiable

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WILL ROGERS ONCE OPINED that a sure way to prevent war would be to abolish peace conferences. Of course Will, as usual, had his tongue in his cheek; he meant only to poke fun at the weak habit of substituting talk for action. Still there is more than a little uncomfortable truth in his remark. […]