The Twisted Bible

Posted in: Spiritual Truths- Nov 24, 2010 4 Comments

Did you click on the above image and watched the video? If not, please do so before reading. Do I have a mental disability or an eye problem? Perhaps it is that of misjudgement or my normality is being made to look stupid? What I am about to share is incredible to believe, but I […]

How To Get Rich & Maintain It! Parts 2 & 3

Posted in: The Word- Nov 21, 2010 3 Comments

Now that you have acknowledged and owned up to your poverty, you need to take the next step. Note: I have tried to condense the last two parts into one here, so this PARTS 2 & 3. Avoid skipping any sentence because there is something hidden right in the middle. There is a treasure right […]

FaceBook Conversation With A Gay Preacher

Posted in: Spiritual Truths- Nov 17, 2010 8 Comments

I was a bit surprised that someone answered a question about me on FaceBook – “Richard just answered a question about John!” Out of curiosity, I decided to trace who the person was. Apparently, we had one common friend on FB and had recently made some comments on a question the common friend friend asked. […]

How to Get Rich & Maintain It!

Posted in: The Word- Nov 14, 2010 2 Comments

This is a THREE-Part message that can CHANGE your life! I know this is true because it is a fresh letter from God to you. It will change your life if you read, study and observe to do. You will become aware of things within your power you can do that will bring CHANGE to […]

Secret Believers?

Posted in: Testimonies- Nov 09, 2010 7 Comments

Alice Cooper – A Christ Follower? It is often said that heaven will be full of surprises. Over time, I have come to understand what that perception really means. There are many people who may be famous and rich, but not known for their faith in Christ, these people are the Nicodemus or Joseph (or […]